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Ballerina In The Rain Released

Ballerina in The Rain Artwork

Ballerina in The Rain Artwork

Today we release our single Ballerina In The Rain. The song was on our debut album Few More Days to Go. For this release we decided to revisit the song and re-record it with Nick Zinner in the studio in Reykjavik.
We are always curious about music hence us trying this. And we are happy with the results. What made us also happy was to get Damon Albarn to remix the track. President Bongo took Northern Gannet and remixed it.
All of these versions are on this release. Something new and fresh to our ears. If you want to listen then it is easy to head over here and listen.

How To Remix Ballerina and added European concerts.

We have published a remix of Ballerina in The Rain. We asked Damon Albarn to remix the track and he generously did so.
We are honoured and thrilled with the results. The remix will be available on our single when it is released on March 11th.
Have a listen now to the remix!

We will also be playing in Cologne, Düdingen, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and Copenhagen in March. See you there.

Ballerina In The Rain our next Single

This re-tooled version of Ballerina in the Rain, complete with backing vocals from dj. flugvél og geimskip emerged from recent recording sessions in Reykjavík with the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Nick Zinner, and will be released as a 3-track single on 11th March.

The single will also feature a Ballerina in the Rain remix from super-fan Damon Albarn and a President Bongo (ex Gus Gus) remix of Northern Gannett (the original versions of both tracks can be found on  our debut album Few More Days to Go debut album, out now).

And easy to pre-order it now from here!

Before the storm, come the words

We've finished our first European tour and we are heading back home and a big storm awaits us, when we land. We are told to stay inside after 5pm shortly after we are due to land.

It was a great experience to be with John Grant's entourage and we believe we delivered a good set every night. And thank you to the audience for showing appreciation for our music.

Our record Few More Days To Go was released smack in the middle of the tour. What we have seen has been encouraging for us. Now we just need to work on new songs to add.

We have not in front of us idle times as we have announce our first headline UK tour which starts in the end of Februry 2016. Tickets have gone on sale. More this way!

Image from Instagram Tonlist.de  https://www.instagram.com/p/-j3BVlgvFq/

Image from Instagram Tonlist.de  https://www.instagram.com/p/-j3BVlgvFq/

Few More Days To Go No More

We are extremely happy that our album is out today. So happy that we have a day off on our European Tour. We will be inbetween Berlin and Aarhus today as our album hits the shops, be it digital or physical record store locations. A blast is being had by us all on this tour with John Grant.
Our video to Your Collection was just released, well a week ago and has been well received. And the reviews we have seen of the band are promising. So promising that we dare to put direct buy links on this page.
So from extremely happy band, make our day, and get your copy now!


Time for Your Collection

It must be said, we are pretty excited right now! We are in Europe with John Grant. And today Your Collection has it official release as our new single.

Not only that but we have also this new video to Your Collection shot on location in Reykjavik. And then there are only  Few Days More To Go for the release of our debut album.

Our UK Tour Has Started

Blinking in the UK

Blinking in the UK

We started our UK tour today in Glasgow. The tour will take us to Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and London. Of course we are excited to be back. The UK has been good to us.
We are co-headlining with Hero Fisher on these dates. We just returned from New York where we did 3 shows and it was also our first time as a band over there.
For tickets to these concerts check this link here.