09/09 '16: Sports is our new song and video
20/07 '16: We head into London!
08/07 '16: The Deluxe Version is Out!



Few More Days To Go is our first album. We recorded it in Reykjavik and begun the process in 2014 and finished in 2015. It was recorded with Curver Thoroddsen, whom we have a good working history with and friendship. Initially we were going to have 8 tracks on the album, but in the end the final was 10 songs. 

The songs are Now, Northern Gannet, Wire Skulls, Circus Life, Blinking, In The Light of the Night, Ballerina in the Rain, Plastic People, Your Collection and Goodbye. Many of these have now become live favourites. 

We will be doing some videos to the album, the first one will be Your Collection which we have done with the same team which did Will We Last, from the EP this summer.

The album was released on the 27th of November while we were doing our European tour.

The album is also be released on vinyl and CD. Exciting.