Enter The Dialogue Series


It’s pure pleasure

Excitement in da house! 🏠😱 We’ve got physical copies of The Dialogue Series and we can hardly wait until October 19th ⏰

We got the promise they would be available now for pre-order... So make your day and put in your order, pretty please👼

Pre-Order now: https://OLI.lnk.to/DialogueSeriesNe


dialogue series

We are introducing our next release as a series of EPs throughout 2018 – each one an exercise in exploring our multiple sonic personalities, from motorik and post-punk to alt-techno, to woozy avant-garde electronica.

We call it The Dialogue Series.

The first instalment in The Dialogue Series is dialogue i and is released on 29th of June.

It can now be heard, bought and streamed from your favourite music provider.


dialogue ii

Dialogue ii has three tracks, Pick It Up, Typical Critical and Chop Chop.

 or Typical Critical on any other of your favourite interwebs platform


dialogue iii

The first track of dialogue iii is One Too Many. Head out to listen here

London Concert

And we have also added a date in London on October 16th at the Pickle Factory. Tickets for the London gig are going on sale this Friday 25th of May. If you want to secure your ticket, head over to this site here to get your ticket.

Concerts 2018

Here are our scheduled concerts for 2018 at the moment.

You need to see and hear us, and we need to see and hear you!




Our new videos from The Dialogue series

Videos from our album Sports which was released February 3rd 2017

& more videos in our Youtube channel

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We have Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, Facebook, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Youtube, BandsInTown,
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