SPORTS is released!


Our new album is Sports came out Friday February 3rd 2017.

Sports is available for order from our very own shop.
And with the order you get a special 7" vinyl with two songs we made especially for this 7". It is also available from indie stores with limited edition flexi!
If that is not enough, here are more possibilites to get Sports

We recorded the album with Nick Zinner in Hljóðriti Studio in Hafnarfjörður.

So far we have released three songs of the album, Sports, Bad Rockets and Liability with videos.

We also head out to the UK to tour now in February. Tickets for the tour areon sale and are also available from our store.

Needless to say, but will be said, we are extremely excited at the moment for this record!


Concerts 2018

Here are our scheduled concerts for 2018 at the moment.

You need to see and hear us, and we need to see and hear you!




Videos from our album Sports which was released February 3rd 2017

Videos from our first record Few More Days To Go

& more videos in our Youtube channel


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