The Remix Series


The Remix Series

all of them…

There was some issue getting our Remix Series out into the world, now it’s should be available to everyone.

While doing the album The Dialogue Series we were surrounded by musician friends of ours that inspired us in the creation. We invited them to take part in the project and the result is this collection of remixes!

Thank you for the inspiration GhostigitalEx MykahJohannes LaFontaineKraftgalliAlap MominSEINTSonicDeceptionIndridirussian.girlsMutedKonsulatEmil DuvierMikkel OldrupTRPTYCH and the others who hide from the internet ❤️

SPOT, CPH and Berlin watch out

We are getting closer to our 3 date series now in beginning of May, where we continue to play The Dialogue Series. We start off with a concert at the SPOT festival in Århus in Denmark, then we go to Copenhagen and entertain DR Koncerthuset. We finish off at Urban Spree in Berlin.

These are the overt gigs, but we have been doing covert gigs around Europe, that is the new in!

See you soon!

The Remix Series kick off!

artwork: viktor weisshappel vilhjálmsson

artwork: viktor weisshappel vilhjálmsson

Never a dull moment! Today we kick off The Remix Series of songs from our new album. We introduce Kraftgalli & russian.girls & Einmitt remixes. How wonderful!

Our background demands that we have interest in remixes, so when we receive a remix of our song we are thrilled. We have got a bunch of remixes so we decided that we would release them as a unique item: The Remix Series.

We will be adding new remixes to this album as they come along, so it never will be dull!

Hope you enjoy as much as we do.

One Too Many video kicks in

We shot the video to One To Many in the car park outside our studio. We raised scaffolding around the drum platform. It felt like a small colisseum. To achieve the full effect for the video, the song was sped up two-fold and Elli had to drum to it.
We had a fabulous production team of Snorri Bros and Rough Cult. The actors were very patient and so was the police who only turned up when 12 seconds were left of the final shot.

In a production like this we only feel honoured to do a shout out to those involved, here goes:
Directed by: Snorri Bros
DP: Baldvin Vernharðsson
AC: Bryngeir Vattnes
Edit: Snorricuts X Baldvin Vernharðsson
Producers: Rough Cult X Snorri Bros
Lighting: Baldvin Vernharðsson & Bryngeir Vattnes
Grip: Óðinn Darri Egilsson
Grip assistant: Einar Ólafsson
Choreographer: Erna Guðrún Fritzdóttir
Casting: Erna Guðrún Fritzdóttir
Make-up: Gabríella Valsdóttir
Stylist: Diana Rós Breckmann
Special thanks to: Kukl ehf MEDIA Rental Ölgerðin DJI Reykjavík Haukur Karlsson Sóley Kristjánsdóttir Júlía Tómasdóttir & to everyone that danced!