Sports Plus Remix EP is out

We simply enjoy getting remixes of our songs. We have gathered together all the remixes we have of Sports onto an EP. We have remixes by Bonaparte, Atom Max, Lafontaine and one done by ourselves.

The Bonaparte remix is peppered with cut up snares and '80s synthesisers, whilst the distinctive monotone vocals of Kaktus are scattered across layers of sound. Bonaparte said: “I discovered Fufanu whilst on a trip through Iceland and after meeting in a Reykjavík pub I managed to smuggle the single tracks of their single ‘Sports’ past the security check onto the airplane. Back in Berlin I decided to redress it into a psychedelic slow-motion b-movie soundtrack – one foot in the past, one in the future and Fufanu in the middle.”

You can get the EP from our shop or any other channel you might choose

Plastic People Go To Video

Here is our video to Plastic People. We shot the video on a cloudy day in centre of Reykjavik. We placed our selves in Austurstræti with our gear.
The day before we had been talking to Snorri Sturluson about videos. He said, "why don't we do one tomorrow downtown. I have my 360° camera with me!"

The video needs Chrome or Safari Browser to view the 360 experience.

The MuMu Radio Mix version of Plastic People was created by Marius de Vries & Matt Robertson.
The song can be bought/streamed from https://OLI.lnk.to/PlasticPeopleYT


How To Remix Ballerina and added European concerts.

We have published a remix of Ballerina in The Rain. We asked Damon Albarn to remix the track and he generously did so.
We are honoured and thrilled with the results. The remix will be available on our single when it is released on March 11th.
Have a listen now to the remix!

We will also be playing in Cologne, Düdingen, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and Copenhagen in March. See you there.

Ballerina In The Rain our next Single

This re-tooled version of Ballerina in the Rain, complete with backing vocals from dj. flugvél og geimskip emerged from recent recording sessions in Reykjavík with the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Nick Zinner, and will be released as a 3-track single on 11th March.

The single will also feature a Ballerina in the Rain remix from super-fan Damon Albarn and a President Bongo (ex Gus Gus) remix of Northern Gannett (the original versions of both tracks can be found on  our debut album Few More Days to Go debut album, out now).

And easy to pre-order it now from here!