It's an exciting day

The Dialogue Series artwork by Viktor Weisshappel Vilhjálmsson

The Dialogue Series artwork by Viktor Weisshappel Vilhjálmsson

It’s always a big day in the process of releasing new music, when we can show the album artwork and open up for the ordering of the physical item of the album. This is this day. Exclamation mark.

We are quite honestly suckers for vinyl. The taste, or smell, of vinyl makes our day. We have prepared a special link for this experience. This is the link for The Dialogue Series

One Too Many released from dialogue iii

dialogue iii artwork

dialogue iii artwork

We continue! One Too Many is the first song of dialogue iii.

All temptations lead to another temptation. The wheel spins on and on until you direct yourself into another way. Most of the time it happens well before crossing any lines and sometimes you’re on the line. One Too Many does not cross the line but almost - so there’s nothing to worry about.

The song is far away from it original demo. We just stripped the song down to its elements and made it this super simple dance track.💃🕺

You choose which listening service you want, for that purpose follow this link here.

The Dialogue Sofar


We have now released the second installment in The Dialogue Series. It is called dialogue ii. Three new songs are on this release, of which Typical Critical has been released as a video.
We have done our summer festivals and we head out again in the autumn with a concert in London.
In the meantime we will try and do some more videos. And stuff!

For convenience sake, we leave you with The Dialogue Series compiled of what has been released up to date.


Being live

from our kex gig

Typical Critical video from dialogue ii

We continue with our dialogue series by releasing the video to Typical Critical. The song is from dialogue ii, which will be out in August, the video is though now reveiled and the song is available from streaming platforms.

As for the video, I stumbled up on this guy on YouTube doing juggle tricks in a studio with a tripod camera. He was so mesmerizing doing the tricks; I just wanted to capture him as a person—this focused and serious, but careless and lonely person. I managed to contact him but he said he had retired. I somehow managed to convince him to take part, so we went to a studio and asked him to do a routine and filmed him—so amazing.
— Kaktus
dialogue ii artwork

dialogue ii artwork

Typical Critical on the streaming platform of your choice

"dialogue i" is out today

We have have returned, and we are dropping, or releasing, a brand new single and video - Listen To Me
This is also the release of dialogue i, the first in The Dialogue Series. We are releasing a series of three EPs to be released throughout 2018, dialogue i-ii-iii, with the first being today

dialogue i can be heard from here, choose your listening device!

About The Dialogue Series:
Once we returned to Iceland after a long stint touring, we had a bag of demoes written at different junctures on the road, purposefully created with no regard for a unified sound. Each EP is an exercise in exploring our multiple sonic personalities, from motorik and post-punk to alt-techno, to woozy avant-garde electronica.

We were eager to release the tracks into the world as and when they were written, looking to capture the sense of urgency with which the songs were formed. However, we asked MC, DJ and producer Alap Momin to listen to the demoes and before we knew it, he was on a flight from Harlem to Iceland to work with us. The result of his input only served to highlight our desire for a distinctive exploration of genres between each record. Basically three Icelandic techno-rockers brought the Harlem club scene to our studio in Iceland – it was a life changing week.

We don’t care for being placed neatly into a box, which has never been more evident in our career to date as it is throughout each of these three EPs. What is great about the creative workflow of Fufanu is that we’ve never just stopped. We’ve never hit a sound that we’re going to stick with, it has always been about discovering what it is we want to make during each moment, and to just keep on exploring.

There’s this crazy need for people to always categorise everything. Life isn’t just on or off, good or bad – it’s everything in the middle.

dialogue i can be heard from here, choose your listening device!