Enter the Dialogue


Enter The Dialogue Series

We are introducing our next release as a series of EPs throughout 2018 – each one an exercise in exploring our multiple sonic personalities, from motorik and post-punk to alt-techno, to woozy avant-garde electronica. We call it The Dialogue Series.
The first instalment in The Dialogue Series is dialogue i will be released on One Little Indian Records as our previous records.

dialogue i contains 4  tracks, of which we are now releasing Hourglass as the first taster of this dialogue of ours.
We hope you enjoy this song. 
To join in the dialogue simply follow this link for Hourglass listening pleasureand to pre-order dialogue i  do it here.

European Summer Festivals

We have lined up a few festival concerts in Europe this summer, and they are being confirmed over the next few days and weeks. The dates will take us to the Netherlands, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.  
We do suggest that you check our little website at
fufanu.rocksfor more details.

London Concert

And we have also added a date in London on October 16th at the Pickle Factory. Tickets for the London gig are going on sale this Friday 25th of May. If you want to secure your ticket, head over to this site here to get your ticket.


Tokyo Video Premiered

Tokyo is the first song from this record we worked on with Nick Zinner,  made us realize that we wanted to work together. It’s about coming back to your wins and losses in your daily reality after a week in Tokyo. Best/weirdest vacation I ever had, cut from the universe and placed in this mad bubble that Tokyo is.

The idea of doing this video was born when we met the artist and photographer Jonatan Gretarsson to be featured in his new book last summer (Jonatan no.3). His style is great and the way he has managed to capture the personality of his subjects in photos is really beautiful so doing a video with him was exciting. We had no idea what would happen on the day of shooting but when we arrived to the studio he had baroque music playing really loud and one by one we stood in front of the camera for more then 20 min each! The result is a black and white video portrait of us… we find it mesmerizing – wonder why?

White Pebbles video by Snorri Bros released

We got super excited when the video directors Snorri Bros, told us they had an idea and wanted to do a video with us. The preparation of the video felt really weird. For example, we went to a muscle car meeting in a parking lot for one of Reykjavík’s suburb supermarket and had to deal with an Icelandic police detective in the back alley of our studio for the police costumes.

On the actual day of shooting, driving around in this bad ass Mustang in a complete police outfit, getting people really confused and then having a stare off against one of Iceland’s leading public figure of the commercial culture made everything make so much sense and felt so right.

Time to watch!

And we will be in Seattle, Reykjavik and Toronto in the next few weeks! Look out for us!