Sports Plus Remix EP is out

We simply enjoy getting remixes of our songs. We have gathered together all the remixes we have of Sports onto an EP. We have remixes by Bonaparte, Atom Max, Lafontaine and one done by ourselves.

The Bonaparte remix is peppered with cut up snares and '80s synthesisers, whilst the distinctive monotone vocals of Kaktus are scattered across layers of sound. Bonaparte said: “I discovered Fufanu whilst on a trip through Iceland and after meeting in a Reykjavík pub I managed to smuggle the single tracks of their single ‘Sports’ past the security check onto the airplane. Back in Berlin I decided to redress it into a psychedelic slow-motion b-movie soundtrack – one foot in the past, one in the future and Fufanu in the middle.”

You can get the EP from our shop or any other channel you might choose

To tie us over the weekend

The first week of this 2.017 year/s is now drawing to a close. The transition into the new year was smooth for us. We are truly gearing up for the upcoming months. Sports is out in less than a month and then we hit the UK for the first tour of 2.017!

Our friends in Konsulat sent us a re-edit of Sports to tie us over the weekend. We want to share it with you right now. Here we go....